Teaching white children about white privilege.

I’ve been thinking about Dark Daughta’s conversation with Maia, Amy and reSISTERance about white mothers, and our responsibility to teach our children what white privilege is, same as black mothers have to teach white privilege to black children. Black mothers teach black children that they are held to higher standards in all situations than white children are, in order to achieve and to be recognized. We white mothers have had blinders on, blind to our children’s privilege.

My own children are now grown, all in their early-to-mid twenties now. Whatever degree of success they enjoy, I am sure that white privilege has helped them immensely, as it has helped me.

My youngest child is currently in trouble with the law. She is not so-called successful, but her white privilege has helped protect her from harsher punishment than she would have received, if she were black–a likelihood borne out by statistics.

Even though my children are grown, I am trying to tell them now about their privilege, and will continue to. I can still try to influence them (better late than never). In addition to my own children, there are other white children in my life. Even though I may never be a grandmother, there will probably always be white children that I converse with, and I’ll be looking for opportunities to raise awareness, of children and adults.


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