On our “declaring” that we’re white allies

Justice Walks has a new post up that speaks to some of what we’re trying to do here at this blog. 

I’ve declared myself “ally,” precisely in this patriarchal context. Thanks, Justice Walks, for pointing that out.  It should have been a no-brainer! But, as I’m learning here, our white privilege has served to blind us to the obvious, effectively and repeatedly. 


4 Responses

  1. I read Justice walks and tried to comment there but couldn’t. She seems to be saying that an alliance can only come with the meeting of equals yet her entire post is about how this cannot be possible because white people are privileged and nonwhite people are not. So what is the point of her post–to not bother? Because that’s what it sounds like to me. She’s seems to be saying we cannot want what is not really possible. I don’t need to be told this too many times before I get the message and stop trying.

  2. Kim, we can stop wanting to “ally” with women of color in the fight against injustice. JusticeWalks said much the same thing, also, in an earlier post.

    Just fight it. Just change it. I posted here pointing to some constructive ways we can act.

  3. I really like what JusticeWalks said because it is such a great way to view all relationships–as an exchange. When one side views their contributions as the more needed element there will be a power differential that is problematic and, likely, oppressive.

  4. […] On our “declaring” that we’re white allies […]

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