Buffalo soldiers

This is a part of American history of which I was entirely ignorant before today.

For fellow non-US readers (and for US readers who aren’t up on their history!) here is a potted version: after white men “freed” the black people they had enslaved, they enlisted many black men into the white army (in segregated regiments, naturally) so that the white army could continue the fight to dispossess Native Americans of their land and, if possible, eliminate them altogether. Oh yes, and to fight imperialist wars abroad, for the benefit again of white patriarchy.

This excellent article decries the continuing miseducation of black Americans about this “glorious” episode in black history.

The pay of the Black soldiers in the war was less than what whites received. “Yet,” the Chronicle assured us, “many Black men enlisted out of sense of duty and honor to their country and their people.” In what way were they serving or honoring their people by fighting for a criminal ruling class in its wars against oppressed freedom fighters?

Eighteen Buffalo Soldiers, the article states, received the Medal of Honor for valor during the Spanish American War. But the article does not mention the many Black soldiers who were disgusted by the racist slaughter and deserted from the Army-some of whom fought instead with the Filipino freedom fighters against U.S. colonialism.

(HT Dark Daughta)


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