Who we are

white noise is a website run by white feminists for white feminists. We want to explore what it means to have white privilege. We want to think seriously about white privilege and racism in our own lives. We want to become better, more understanding human beings. We want to learn effective ways of recognising and confronting privileged attitudes and behaviours in ourselves and in those around us.

white noise is co-founded by feminist bloggers Maia and secondwaver. We are actively looking for contributors from around the world. If you would like to write for us, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Commenting policy

We want to create a space for discussion, and comments are welcome. However we also recognise that the issues we want to write about may stir up strong feelings and will probably attract trolls. We are determined that this will be a safe place for white feminists to make what may be a difficult journey. Therefore:

  • We will moderate comments closely.
  • We will not tolerate racist or other hate speech.
  • We actively welcome comments from people of colour.
  • We ask that you contact us privately (contact form below) if you have concerns about a particular thread or commenter.

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