Reading list

This is a collection of resources – links to websites and blogs, and a list of books covering antiracism, the experiences and perspectives of women of colour, and other relevant topics.

We don’t pretend that these resources are in any way exhaustive, and we actively welcome reader contributions. If you would like to suggest an item or resources that we haven’t included, submit a link to your own thoughts on a book or article that is (or should be) listed here, talk about submitting a book review or otherwise contribute to the reading list, please get in touch in comments (below) or using the contact form on the About page. Thank you!

Websites / blogs

Blogs and blog articles

Feminist Reprise
Amy’s blog posts on the subject of white privilege. This post (Amy’s conference report from a White Privilege Conference in 2007) ends with a sizeable bibliography and filmography. Amy has included in her archive the full text of two important essays by Marilyn Frye, On Being White, and White Woman Feminist. Comments about either of these essays would be welcomed here.

Fire Witch Rising
Fire Witch Rising’s blog posts about white privilege and white supremacy.

Ally Work
A site devoted to “helping white people fight white supremacy“. Includes a suggested reading list of online articles and posts.

The Anti-Racist Parent blog is “for parents committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook”. It is a team effort, run by Carmen Van Kerckhove.

The Center for Study of White American Culture: A Multiracial Organization is a white anti-racist organization in the usa.

Colours of Resistance

Creek Running North: an ally 101 thread

Detour-Spotting for White Anti-Racists, by Jona Ollson. A description of the journey away from racism (and ignorance about it), and the steps one takes toward self-re-education. Has a North American context.

Erase Racism carnival

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia is an online collection aimed at “helping people understand the historical and contemporary expressions of intolerance.” Includes essays and visual examples showing how white culture has stereotyped and degraded people of colour, and how that continues to resonate today.


Stages of Racialized and Ethnic Identity Development, for people of color, and for white people.

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh. The classic 1988 paper that jump-started the study of whiteness and white privilege. This essay is excerpted from Working Paper 189. “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondences through Work in Women’s Studies” (1988), by Peggy McIntosh; available for $4.00 from the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, Wellesley MA 02181. The working paper contains a longer list of privileges. This excerpted essay is reprinted from the Winter 1990 issue of Independent School.

The Ninth White Privilege Conference, April 2-5, 2008, Springfield, Massachussetts, usa. The annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression. WPC provides a forum for critical discussions about diversity, multicultural education and leadership, social justice, race/racism, sexual orientation, gender relations, religion and other systems of privilege/oppression. WPC is recognized as a challenging, empowering and educational experience. The workshops, keynotes and institutes not only inform participants, but engage and challenge them, while providing practical tips and strategies for combating inequality. The conference participants and presenters include corporate and non-profit community members, students, educators, activists, musicians and artists. This conference is not about beating up on white folks. This conference is about critically examining the society in which we live and working to dismantle systems of power, prejudice, privilege and oppression.

Working Assumptions For White Activists On Eliminating Racism: Guidelines For Recruiting Other Whites As Allies, by Ricky Sherover-Marcuse (via Starfish’s blog)


This is really just a start; we can start combining our knowledge. If you can help by suggesting a book, by giving comments, or by offering / recommending a review, then please do!

Antiracist writing
Click here for a list of non-fiction books, which aimed at helping the reader to unlearn or combat prejudice; to understand race oppression, race privilege, and the connection between them. This includes books for parents/carers and children, as an aid to bringing up antiracist children. ** a number of these books need reviews!**

General writing by women of colour

Click here for a list of books – texts, novels, essays and poetry – by women of colour, touching on the experiences of WOC; race/gender/class oppression as it affects WOC; and feminism/womanism from the perspective of WOC. This includes books for children and young people. ** a number of these books need reviews!**

Other books of interest

Click here for a list of other relevant writing by white people and men of colour, including books for children and young people. ** a number of these books need reviews!**


3 Responses

  1. These two books did something very important for me at an early age, both with awareness of race and of gender.
    Alice Walker – The color purple
    – Possessing the secret of joy

  2. Two more:
    Sweetness in the belly – Camilla Gibb
    Brick Lane -Monica Ali
    Both of these books gave me a new perspective on the UK.

  3. thanks, erika. if you remember enough of any of them, would you care to write a short (or long) review?

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